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Newlywed Bucket List

Remember that bucket list book I gave Josh on our wedding day? If not, check out the blog.

Ever wonder what else I had in mind besides a romantic hot air balloon ride at sunset?

(P.S. still waiting on that one!)

I’ve decided to create a newlywed bucket list!

These items are not meant to be super expensive or take forever to accomplish! Most of them cost little to nothing and can be done in a couple of hours.

Even though the time I would consider myself a “newlywed,” which is about a year or two, is going to end quicker than I think, I never want to lose my sense of childlike adventure.

This list is really great for anyone desiring something new to try. There are 36 ideas – if you complete 1 per month, it will take you three years!

Click for some ideas, adventures, activities, and experiences for a series of years.

Interested? Download!

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