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Loving Our Spouse in Light of Eternity

Part 2: Resolving Our Differences

At least once a week, my husband and I disagree about the use of our time. I’m the type-A planning personality, and Josh is the type-B play-it-by-ear personality.

His spontaneity was something that initially attracted me to him. He was fun and exciting. His ability to go with the flow led to silly adventures and surprising activities. They still do.

However, that same personality can introduce frustrations in our marriage when I want to plan out our schedule or know what to expect and Josh doesn’t need that to feel settled or ready for the week.

Neither personality is wrong, but having both in our marriage requires us to communicate and make compromises in order to love each other well.

I’ve learned three practical solutions to resolve the differences in our personalities.

Are you ready for the solutions? Do you want to know some practical tips to making this personality clash a bit easier? Go check out the full post here! (I wrote Part 2 of our series and the rest of it is actually featured on Kaleigha Jae's blog "More than Rubies")

(FYI, Part 1 was a Guest Post by Kaleigha Jae on my blog last week. Did you miss it? Go ahead and read it here.)

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