• Kara Abernathy

When A Perfect Life Doesn't Satisfy

Some people just seem like they have it all together. They have the perfect job, perfect house, perfect wardrobe, perfect relationship. Their Instagram feed is beautiful. Their social life is thriving. It’s hard to compete, right? At first glance, we see those seemingly perfect people and become jealous or start to compare. Then, when we actually sit down with those people, we realize they are just as confused, lonely, or fearful. They still feel like they are missing something.  What I love about Christianity is that Jesus came for people who are broken and messy. He came to help those who recognize their need for a Savior. Even more, He came for those who seem perfect but are actually in need of Him.

^^ Above is just a small excerpt from my post featured in an Atlanta based lifestyle blog.

Check out the full post here!

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